28 May 2019

Dire Situation at Pemba in Mozambique

Last month I shared some photos and news of my visit in March to our link parish of Pemba in north Mozambique. Little did I know that just a few...

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26 May 2019

Week of Accompanied Prayer in the City of London from 14 July

Do you live or work in the City of London? Do you long to take a little time out to reflect on your life but for one reason or another...

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21 May 2019

Pilgrim Course Considers What Christians Believe

A six week course designed for all those who want to ask questions and explore the core of the Christian belief in greater depth has begun. The course, which started...

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19 May 2019

Join Us for Next Supper Talk on 21 May

Anna Khan, Chief Executive of the Child and Family Support Charity Welcare, looks forward to speaking on ‘Building Emotional Health & Wellbeing in Children and Young People’ at our supper...

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