06 Mar 2020

Child-friendly Lent Group Starts Monday 2 March

If you would like to come to a daytime Lent Group but have small children in tow, then this is the group for you! Please bring your pre-schoolers along to...

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03 Jan 2020

Alpha Course Starting 14 January

Pondering the Leftovers – Invitation to Alpha After the celebration of Christmas there are usually plenty of leftovers. Perhaps this season has left you pondering the mystery of the Christmas...

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08 Dec 2019

Advent Discussion Group this December

The ticking clock while you sit in the waiting room, the completed last exam where you wonder whether you did enough or perhaps that text you send and the nail...

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20 Oct 2019

Final session of ‘Understanding the Bible with Joe Moffatt’ 22 October

We all need help to understand the different narratives, genres and contexts of each book of the Bible. I therefore want to offer talks this Autumn, which will hopefully give...

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