30 Apr 2020

Vicar’s Viewpoint May 2020

Having recorded numerous sermons and podcasts recently, I feel you’ve heard more than enough from me. So I’m delighted that this newsletter is full of interesting articles and opinions from...

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25 Apr 2020

Church Carries On

In light of the spread of Covid-19, all churches and church halls are closed until further notice. Instead, Teddington Parish is offering worship in a virtual form: Virtual Sunday Services We...

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12 Apr 2020

Easter Donations

Thank you to everyone who gives to the church by Standing Order or Direct Debit. Your ongoing donations will be critical in keeping us going over the next few months...

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09 Apr 2020

Easter Message and Offerings

Easter Message Churches were built for Easter worship, traditionally set on an West-East axis so that people faced the rising sun and were reminded of the resurrection of Christ. So...

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