02 Feb 2023

Clergy Comment February 2023

Candlemas takes place at the beginning of February, it’s a feast about light, that comes as we anticipate the widening arc of the sun and the lengthening days. The feast...

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29 Dec 2022

Vicar’s Viewpoint January 2023

As the clock turns from 11.59 to midnight on 31st December, partying and singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’, marks the turn from 2022 to 2023. A New Year – and with...

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28 Nov 2022

Vicars’ Viewpoint December 2022

We’re in the season of anticipation, not only because of the World Cup and all our expectations for the success of our national team, but because Advent is the season...

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01 Nov 2022

Clergy Comment November 2022

I wonder how you remember people. I have letters and cards strewn around my flat – I like coming across them by chance and smiling as I read the words...

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