31 May 2020

Vicar’s Viewpoint June 2020

With four of us in the Vicarage, all working online in different rooms, our broadband has sometimes struggled to cope. As a result, a message often pops up when I’m...

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30 Apr 2020

Vicar’s Viewpoint May 2020

Having recorded numerous sermons and podcasts recently, I feel you’ve heard more than enough from me. So I’m delighted that this newsletter is full of interesting articles and opinions from...

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28 Mar 2020

Clergy Comment April 2020

As I write this, we have started our period of social isolation and over the next few weeks will be in the critical phase of the Coronavirus for our country....

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02 Mar 2020

Vicar’s Viewpoint March 2020

The Church of St Peter and St Paul sits at the heart of our community on the crossroads of our busiest streets. Its future is therefore of interest to everyone....

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