10 Oct 2019

Clergy Comment November 2019

On October 7th our vicars, Azariah and Joe, joined the protest for Climate Justice in central London. They gathered with people from churches across the country on Lambeth Bridge, which...

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29 Sep 2019

Vicar’s Viewpoint October 2019

Where did the summer go: balmy days filled with BBQs, loud music festivals with cold lager and luxurious picnics, dogs paddling in white foam, fish and chips in newspaper, and...

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31 Aug 2019

Vicar’s Viewpoint September 2019

What do you make of the Bible? We give it a highly elevated status in the church, referring to it as Holy Scripture and even as the Word of God,...

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01 Aug 2019

Clergy Comment August 2019

When I was 15 I jumped the fence at Knebworth to see the ‘last’ Led Zeppelin concert, and since then have loved the experience of open-air music. In London, the...

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