08 Jan 2022

Clergy Comment January 2022

I wonder how many of your Christmas parties were cancelled? The uncertainty of 2021 is rolling over into 2022 and we now know that Covid is not about to vanish,...

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05 Dec 2021

Vicar’s Viewpoint December 2021

Every year the children from Playwam Nursery School visit the church to see the Crib. This gives me an opportunity to read my favourite Christmas children’s book: Jesus’ Christmas Party...

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04 Nov 2021

Clergy Comment November 2021

I’m delighted to share the new plans we have for what we’re calling ‘Building Anew’. Regular readers of this newsletter may well be thinking that it’s been a long time...

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02 Oct 2021

Clergy Comment October 2021

Harvest is a time of celebration and thanksgiving for all the good things in life we enjoy, especially the delicious seasonal fruit and crops. My English teacher told me autumn...

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