03 Apr 2021

Vicar’s Viewpoint April 2021

Finally, we’re back to in-person services again. What a relief! I think people will enjoy coming back to church again with a renewed appreciation for both the building and for...

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01 Mar 2021

Clergy Comment March 2021

At Activate we believe in all people’s holistic wellness. Wellbeing has rightly become a buzz word in recent times and especially in these Covid times. The more I have worked...

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07 Feb 2021

Vicar’s Viewpoint February 2021

Joe Biden’s stirring inaugural address talked about meeting the challenges of the 3 C’s: Conflict, Covid and Climate Change. On the same day, I was on a Zoom call with...

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03 Jan 2021

Clergy Comment January 2021

Perhaps more than any other year in our living memory, we are ready for a new start, the winter of 2020 is retreating and the spring of 2021 is being...

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