01 May 2024

Vicar’s Viewpoint May 2024

The vexed topic of my use of humour in my ministry has arisen more than once in recent weeks. Despite my perma-frown, and precaffeine grumpiness, I do like to use...

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29 Mar 2024

Vicar’s Viewpoint April 2024

This month’s Vicar’s Viewpoint is a strange imposter. As I write, I am conscious that the edition into which this will be posted and you will receive will effectively be...

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01 Mar 2024

Vicar’s Viewpoint March 2024

Forget Nostradamus: in ancient history ie 1969, Messrs Zager and Evans (an American rock-pop duo) predicted that ‘if God’s acoming, he oughta make it by then’, referring to the specific...

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29 Jan 2024

Vicar’s Viewpoint February 2024

January has hosted many joys – personal re-invention, number-crunching in our churches, insufficient daylight and frost. This could, therefore, be a collection of words uttering lofty aspirations for our work...

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