01 Dec 2023

Vicar’s Viewpoint December 2023

When I was the Vicar of Whitton, it was a matter of no small annoyance that Card Factory would stock ‘Christmas Calendars’ [sic] in late August. This isn’t a whinge...

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31 Oct 2023

Vicar’s Viewpoint November 2023

  We are all stories: long stories or shorter stories. Some stories have many chapters and others a few very short words, but we are all stories. One of the...

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28 Sep 2023

Vicar’s Viewpoint October 2023

As I write this, we pray for those consumed by the earth in Morocco, and those whose lives and worlds were washed away in Libya. It is hard to see...

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31 Aug 2023

Vicar’s Viewpoint September 2023

I have a mixed relationship with Septembers. They have been markers in time that remind me that summer is ending. I quite like summer, though I prefer spring, and frankly...

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