31 May 2023

Vicar’s Viewpoint June 2023

  How my life has changed since we moved to Teddington over 12 years ago, when I had no intention of going through ministerial training and becoming one of the...

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03 May 2023

Clergy Comment May 2023

One of the delights I have as a priest at St Mary with St Alban is conducting baptisms. Although people can be baptised at any age, it’s usually babies and...

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27 Mar 2023

Vicar’s Viewpoint April 2023

As we approach the start of Easter week, also called Holy Week, I love the way that every year we take time to remember in dramatic detail the events of...

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23 Feb 2023

Vicar’s Viewpoint March 2023

This time last month, people in Turkey and Syria were going about their daily business – work, chores, school, preparing meals, meeting friends. Then on the 6th February, a devastating...

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