31 Mar 2019

Clergy Comment April 2019

As a clergy woman’s daughter I would find it baffling that mum would often invite the lonely, the isolated and those who smelt a bit of drink to share meal-times...

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27 Feb 2019

Clergy Comment March 2019

“The soul moves at the pace of a camel” – Arabic Proverb “We have to pause on our journeys to allow our spirits to catch up” – African Proverb A number of...

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31 Jan 2019

Vicar’s Viewpoint February 2019

It’s a very late Easter this year (21st April). That means a late start to Lent (Ash Wednesday is 6th March). So there’s plenty of time to think about what to give up. And this year I’m...

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01 Jan 2019

Vicar’s Viewpoint January 2019

After nine years of artful avoidance, I did my first Parkrun the other week. Apart from the obvious physical challenge, I’m not sure what I was avoiding. It’s a fantastic community event and...

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