05 Aug 2018

Clergy Comment August 2018

I was recently taken to a train station after speaking at a youth camp. I went to the ticket office and offered my card to pay the £9.60 single back to Teddington. The lady behind the...

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01 Jul 2018

Vicar’s Viewpoint July 2018

One thing new and two repeats this month. The new thing is to welcome Caroline Halmshaw as our Curate and I’m very excited that she’s joining our clergy team. She brings...

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01 Jun 2018

Vicar’s Viewpoint June 2018

My first attempt at writing this article was a punchy, motivational piece all about the Gift Day for our extension Appeal that we were planning to have on June 17th. But we’ve taken a decision to postpone...

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29 Apr 2018

Vicar’s Viewpoint May 2018

Sandwiched between two bank holidays, the middle weeks of May seem to be a little congested with overlapping events but I’m hoping that they all add up to an inspiring fortnight. First, the Archbishops of...

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