01 Jul 2019

Clergy Comment July 2019

On June 12th a burst water pipe led to the near collapse of our social fabric. Late morning I went to Tesco. I remember my mounting panic seeing Teddingtonians slipping...

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28 May 2019

Dire Situation at Pemba in Mozambique

Last month I shared some photos and news of my visit in March to our link parish of Pemba in north Mozambique. Little did I know that just a few...

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06 Apr 2019

Visiting Mozambique

My gift from the congregation of St Peter and St Paul Chimoio was a live chicken. I counted this as a great honour, since Chimoio is a remote village in...

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31 Mar 2019

Clergy Comment April 2019

As a clergy woman’s daughter I would find it baffling that mum would often invite the lonely, the isolated and those who smelt a bit of drink to share meal-times...

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