After nine years of artful avoidance, I did my first Parkrun the other week. Apart from the obvious physical challenge, I’m not sure what I was avoiding. It’s a fantastic community event and I’m quickly turning into a convert. It’s also reminded me that it’s good to do new things, so I am pleased to announce some new things for the church in 2019.

The first is this new-look newsletter. It was high-time we went colour, especially since technical advances mean that there’s no extra cost. We also wanted to join up with the Parish of St Peter and St Paul, reflecting close collaboration and our joint website. Formally, the two parishes remain independent. But since most outreach is done jointly, it makes sense to share communications.

Secondly, we have a series of talks on mental health and wellbeing, a topic that’s increasingly in the news and never far away. So we’ve invited some speakers to give a series of Supper Talks, beginning January 29th, as well as making it a theme for our sermons and discussions.

Thirdly, I’ve suggested a new activity for members of all Teddington churches to do together – yes, –Parkrun! I’m pleased to say that the idea has been well received. So on January 19th, during the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, as many churchgoers as we can muster will be doing Parkrun, giving thanks for this wonderful community event, now a worldwide phenomenon. I’m not sure what sign we’ll have on our tops. But I like the slogan: ‘Blessed are the pacemakers’!

Best wishes,

Rev Joe Moffat