On 24th September we will be hosting our first ever Sustainability Festival in the Parish Hall; the theme of the festival is ‘Living Your Sustainable Life.’ In theory, sustainable living aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making positive changes which counteract negative environmental concerns. In practical terms, living a sustainable life means meeting our own needs without taking too much, or without compromising the ability of others to get enough for themselves.

While there is a lot of coverage of these topics these days, and many people make efforts to be more sustainable, the reality is that is very few people truly live the perfect sustainable life – and that’s ok!

The day will see a range of sessions supporting attendees in learning how you could make small tweaks on your own sustainable journeys if you want to. There will be sessions on reducing energy use, gardening, growing and cooking your own food, repairing and reusing items, sustainable communities, and we will hear from local children about some of their
amazing projects. We will also be hosting an evening event at a local venue with food, drinks, and music and the weekend will culminate in the Harvest Service on 25th September.

We will be sharing further details soon including how to buy your tickets. Come and join us on the day, we look forward to seeing you.

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