Sustainability Festival: 24/25 September. St Mary's Parish Hall & St Mary with St Alban Church

Over the weekend of 24 & 25 September we will be hosting our first ever Sustainability Festival across the Teddington Parish. The theme of the festival will be Living Your Sustainable Life and you can expect a line-up of informative speakers, practical discussion, exciting demonstrations and a range of local vendors and artists for all of the family to enjoy. The weekend will also include the Harvest Festival at St Mary with St Alban Church.

We will be sharing more details in the coming weeks, including how to buy your tickets, but be sure to note the date in your diaries now.


Below you can find Teddington Parish's Sustainability Action Group's latest Green Feeds as well as some useful resources.


Are there foods with too high a Carbon cost? It can take up to 320 litres of water to grow one avocado. Ancient forests have been destroyed to enlarge avocado farms, then add to this the resources needed to pick and transport them across the world, and you have a carbon emission nightmare. Also, bagged salad, grown under LED lights and transported vast distances by trucks is another food with an incredibly high Carbon cost. Particularly if it is then used for garnish, just left at the side of the plate before being thrown away.

Cleaning products to avoid: Avoid anything containing Sodium Hypochlorite, as If it leaks into bodies of water it can mix with other chemicals and be highly toxic to animals, it also remains in the environment for a long time. Try traditional recipes based on white vinegar or lemon juice instead, or one that is plant based. Also, The Refill Larder has solid blocks to add to water to make a cleaning spray - to either decant into an existing plastic bottle you may have or they also sell glass alternatives.


Wild Christian: nature and waste. Having signed-up to A Rocha's Wild Christian newsletter we have really been enjoying the content and wanted to share it with you.

Also, last month, we launched our Book Club at the Tide End Cottage pub, to talk about From What Is to What If: Unleashing the Power of Imagination to Create the Future We Want by Rob Hopkins; the first of our planned books. This book club is an opportunity for those with an interest in the many diverse topics under the broad subject of sustainability, to come together and discuss ideas prompted by some wonderful books. If you are interested in joining future meetings, please contact us at

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