Sustainability is important to this parish and will only continue to grow in importance.  In 2020, driven by the growing awareness of the impacts of climate change, the need to better care for our community and the natural world, we formed a Sustainability Group and have run Supper Talks, formed a sustainability book club, and hosted a Sustainability Festival and a Recycle, Reuse, Regift Festival in our Parish Hall.

If you’d like to volunteer to support the group, have questions, or ideas for events please contact us at

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On Sunday the 23rd of January, we hosted our Recycle, Reuse and Regift Festival at the Parish Hall. The festival was a huge success with a large number of attendees swapping pre-loved items for new treasures, a large amount of items donated to needy local charities and much fun had by all. With the session being such a success we’ll be running the event again each quarter, so look out for the next date and come along.

We will be launching our Eco-concern club at 7:30pm on Tuesday the 7th of March. Contact as at if you’d like to know more. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


THIS SUNDAY, 22 JANUARY: REUSE, RECYCLE, REGIFT FESTIVAL. Come along!  We will have several stalls set up for you to swap your pre-loved books, clothes and accessories, and toys. If you have items that you would like to exchange then bring them with you and see what you can find, or if you would prefer to simply donate any pre-loved items that are gathering dust, bring them along too. All remaining items will be donated to local charities.
The festival runs from 10:30am until 3.00pm, is free and open to all, with a selection of snacks and drinks available to buy.



Has Christmas left you needing a spring clean and a clear-out? Then join us in the parish hall for this Festival. Come along and exchange the books, toys, clothes that are gathering dust at home for newer items. There will be a number of tables set up, where you’ll be sure to find pre-owned treasure and get rid of items you no longer use.
The festival is free to enter and open to all, and we will have a range of drinks and snacks to buy too. Any remaining items will be donated to charity.

Sunday 22 January at 10.30am-3pm, St Mary's Parish Hall - come along and recycle, re-use and re-gift any unwanted presents:

  • SWAP: clothes, accessories, books and toys
  • RE-GIFT: bring an unwanted gift to swap for something you need
  • UPCYCLE: learn how to turn unwanted items into new things


NEW EVENT for January 2023: Skip Black Friday and join our next year in January for a Recycle and Regift Festival on Sunday 22 .

This year’s Black Friday is expected to produce 429,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from product deliveries alone – that’s the same as 435 return flights from London to New York! A report produced by charity and independent think tank Green Alliance found that of the items bought on Black Friday, up to 80 percent of these —and any plastic packaging they are wrapped in—will end up either in landfill, incineration or—at best—low quality recycling, often after a very short life.

Rather than spend on buying more items during this time, we’d encourage you to come and join our “Recycle, Regift and Reuse” Festival on Sunday, the 22nd of January from 10:30am to 3pm at the Parish Hall on Langham Road. At the festival we will have the opportunity to swap clothes, books, toys and accessories, and a regifting station to swap unwanted gifts for something new.


Below you can find Teddington Parish's Sustainability Action Group's latest Green Feeds as well as some useful resources.

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