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Green Feed

This November, world leaders will gather for the most important climate summit since the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement. COP26 (26th convening of the Conference of the Parties) is being hosted by the UK government in Glasgow, Scotland. These annual United Nations climate talks are key for building global consensus on climate action and justice. This summit is particularly significant, even more so because it was postponed by a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Leaders around the world will come together to review the progress on climate change, and to make commitments for the future. Our world continues to warm, and with every extra fraction of a degree our climate becomes more unstable, more unpredictable, and more communities are pushed to the brink as the world changes around them. Since the Industrial Revolution, our planet has been warming at an unparalleled rate due to human activity, and is around 1.3°C warmer than before that time. Read more here.

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