We believe Prayer is key to our lives as Christians.

It can take many different forms: alone or with others, silently or out-loud, using our own words or the words of well-known prayers.

Sometimes it can be helpful to light a candle to provide a focus for our prayers as we meet with God.

On this website, there is a prayer request option, should you need prayer for anything in particular.

St Mary with St Alban is open during the week for prayer.

Both churches offer Morning Prayer: St Mary’s on Wednesdays at 9am and St Peter and Paul on Thursdays at 9am.

Below is a video called “LIVING ICONS” which we played on a loop in the church during our “Three Days of Prayer” leading up to Pentecost. It contains real prayers prayed by real people; it blessed us to make it and we hope you find inspiration in the prayers offered.

[Link to video on YouTube (shortened by Anne)]

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