If you are a reader of the monthly Parish Newsletter which is delivered through your door, you may have noticed that
something is different. Yes, it has colour pictures! Well don’t get too excited, we’ll be reverting to good old black-and-white next month. But there are a couple of reasons for splashing the colour this time.

Firstly, you can think of it as an Easter special. Easter is a time when we recall the resurrection of Christ, an event which made his followers see the world in a completely new way, full of light and hope and possibility. Some have described the experience of discovering this ‘resurrection God’ as like the difference between black-and-white TV and
colour. Life with God is, in many ways, the same as before but now it is enriched and enhanced – a life in glorious technicolour.

Secondly, and a little less theologically, we wanted to show you the plans for our extension that have now been submitted to the Borough and the Diocese. We have been delighted with the encouraging feedback received since beginning our community consultation in January. Everyone has recognised the need and understood the
vision. We have taken on board a variety of suggestions and have refined the plans as you now see them – in glorious technicolour.

As we move forward through the planning process and then on to the fundraising phase, I hope we will nurture our faith in a resurrection God who continually opens up new possibilities and brings colour to our lives.

Best wishes,

Rev. Joe Moffat