Church Extension

Extending to Grow St Mary with St Alban

Our ambition is to equip our much loved church building with the facilities to be an inclusive sacred space and community resource, meeting both the needs of our congregation and of our community.

“We intend to build an extension on what could be called the ‘hidden side’ of our church. It will make the whole church building fit for purpose: fit to be a sacred space that is accessible to all, regardless of disability or need; fit to offer a hospitable welcome to all who enter the door; fit to be a community resource where groups can meet for learning and fellowship; fit to be a centre for the arts, for concerts and for social interaction; fit to be the building we need to fulfil our vision to ‘grow faith and friendship for all’. So this is about more than just toilets. This is about making our contribution to the 800-year history of our church which has been added to every century. Every generation has done their bit to ensure the building is fit for purpose for their own particular time. We feel strongly that our task is to build an extension that will enable the whole church (both the building and the people) to bring faith and friendship to all.”

Rev. Joe Moffatt

October 2018 Update

In June, we withdrew our planning application. This was not because the need for facilities had gone away. It was because in all our consultations, it was clear that most people and organisations wanted a different solution - a much softer, more in-keeping design.

Over the summer, we took detailed advice from experts at the Diocese of London. This month we are commissioning a specialist analysis company, who will, over the next 3 months, draw together all the solid and in-depth work that has been done so far, plus additional archaeological considerations, and help us to craft a refined design brief.

We always knew this was a complex project, which may take several attempts to get right. We are continuing to work hard to achieve the best solution possible by listening, investigating and adjusting plans along the way. There will be facilities in the church, enabling so many good things to happen. It is just going to take a little longer but it will be worth the wait.

Read the June 2018 update here.

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