28 Nov 2017

Christmas Greetings from the Associate Priest

In 1843 Sir Henry Cole, with artist chum John Horsley, created the first commercial Christmas card. The scene depicts the artist himself with surrounding family enjoying a feast. In the...

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01 Nov 2017

Vicar’s Viewpoint November 2017

It’s been an amazing few weeks as we’ve spun from one Teddington 800 event to another. I’ve felt that they’ve all been enriching for our community and uplifting for the soul:...

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30 Sep 2017

Vicar’s Viewpoint October 2017

The sign on our station platform announced that Teddington is the 'Home of Measurement', which highlights that cutting-edge scientific work that is done at the National Physical Laboratory. There are...

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31 Aug 2017

Clergy Comment September 2017

In June 2015 Matt and I moved to Teddington so that I could begin my curacy at St Mary with St Alban Church. During these past few years, I have...

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