Activate is passionate about engaging young people and allowing them to discover faith through activity, community and wellbeing. We recognise the great work of local youth communities but all feedback from them is that engaging young women in positive activity is a priority.

With this in mind we are hoping to raise £3000 to start a youth streetdance group that has two purposes:

  1. To create a weekly safe space for teenagers that has an activity focus that is inclusive but weighted towards teenage women.
  2. This youth group will feed into our Sporty Church and our Youth Wellbeing Café starting after Easter.

A positive body image and peer support encouragement is invaluable in helping young people grow, and street dance imbues both these facets whilst being fun and welcoming of all talents. The evolution of social media platforms like TikTok, has allowed dance to be enjoyed as a positive outlet that has captured young people’s energy and creativity.

Activate seeks to harness that and shape a community where energy and creativity can be developed in a manner that is fun and relevant, thereby building community leading to questions of faith. The money will be put towards a year’s salary for a teacher from a Christian background, who can engage young people, as well as buying equipment, lighting and venue hire.

We are hoping to launch the group at St Mark’s Teddington and have the support of our local church partnerships. The group will eventually become self-sustaining but it’s the first 6 months that are crucial and we are aiming to do showcases in the community and via social media that encourage others.

Many thanks for your support. Please pray for us as Activate seeks to meet young people where they are at and holistically bless and journey with them into a relationship with Christ.

Rev Chris Kennedy, Pioneer Minister