Many of you walk through our churchyard and notice some of the nearly 400 graves. For every grave there is a family story, and over the last three centuries people who have been laid to rest deserve to be respected and remembered. Sadly, families move away and all too often the family line dies out, leaving no one to tend the graves. As our churchyard has not had a new burial for some 100 years, many graves are clearly untended.

We would like to encourage members of the local community to come forward and agree to adopt a grave or two. This would involve every few months a bit of physical tidying, removing weeds, saplings and the like, perhaps adding some plants, and making the grave look and feel cared for. There are many reasons for adopting a grave, for example:

  • It is a grave of a relative or one of your ancestors
  • It commemorates a child
  • It is the burial place of a notable or interesting resident of Teddington
  • It is an outstanding but neglected memorial
  • It will help to maintain the churchyard’s biodiversity in the face of climate change

Two members of our church recording group have volunteered to help with research into family histories, using the recently completed West Middlesex Family History Society survey as a starting point.

If you feel able to help, please make yourself known to the church by sending an email to or leaving your name by calling the parish office on 020 8943 2262. So please help us bring more love to our churchyard.