Have you ever felt that to be a “good” Christian you need to do lots of church based activities? Or that the church does not recognise the role you play outside its doors? Or that it does not equip you to live out your faith in the wider world? If your answer to these is “yes,” you are not alone.

For a while, many people have recognised the gap that can often occur between church and the rest of life. In response to this, the Diocese of London has pioneered a scheme called “Ambassadors.” It is an initiative which aims to support people as they live out their faith in the wider world.
Here at St. Mary with St. Alban and St. Peter and St. Paul, we are joining in. January 22nd 2017 saw the launch of “Ambassadors” across our two churches. You will be glad to know that it does not involve any church-based tasks which you will be asked to help out with! Our involvement entails:
  • “This Time Tomorrow,” which asks a member of the congregation where they will be this time tomorrow and then praying for their week
  • We are giving away booklets called “Right Where You Are” which explain the concept further
  • We are running Lent courses entitled “Faith on the Frontline” which explore how we live out our faith from week to week
The overall aim will be both to support people wherever they spend the majority of their time and to help cultivate habits which connect faith IN church to faith OUT OF church. We are looking forward to hearing more from you, joining some dots between faith and the rest of life, and learning a bit along the way.
Explore what kind of ambassador you are by clicking on the image below – please note that this is not to be taken seriously!
For more information, please contact Gabby Thomas at curate@stmarywithstalban.org and/or see:www.ambassadors2020.org.