It’s a very late Easter this year (21st April). That means a late start to Lent (Ash Wednesday is 6th March). So there’s plenty of time to think about what to give up. And this year I’m thinking about plastic.

Like many people, I’ve been shocked at the extent of plastic pollution and the damage it is causing to our environment. There are some shocking statistics. Over 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic have been produced since the 1950s. That’s enough to cover every inch of the UK ‘ankle-deep’ more than ten times over. Just 9% was recycled.

Being shocked is one thing but actually doing something about it is quite a challenge. Most of us need to change a lot of habits to avoid single-use plastics. I’ve got a lot to learn. I’m hoping to get some tips from pupils at St Mary’s and St Peter’s School who led a great campaign last year.

I’m also hoping for some advice from the new Refill shop in Gardenia’s on the High Street. And I’m going to try and follow the Lent Plastic Challenge that the Church of England produced last year. For each day there is a suggestion for giving up plastics under four categories: food and drink, bathroom, kitchen and clothing. See

I’m hoping that I won’t be doing this alone. Please give some time to thinking about what you’ll be doing for Lent. And if you’d like to join me in the Lent Plastic Challenge, drop me a line. I have a feeling that some mutual support and sharing of good tips will be crucial.

Best wishes,

Rev Joe Moffat