I will start with the good news that the building of the new school at Chimoio is going really well and a few weeks ago l know that it was above the first level of windows. I am not actually sure how big it will be as l have not seen any of the drawings, but it is a miracle, with the humanitarian crisis there, that this project continues to move forward apace.

More good news was that Bishop Manuel, as pictured here with Reverend Albertina and other helpers, planted 104 trees near the school on World Environment Day. The tree seen here being planted by the bishop was a gift to him from Addis Ababa!

However, other news is not so good, with the insurgency, lack of food security, and poor access to health resources and education. Even Coronavirus, which is currently in its third wave locally, cannot be given priority, despite so many people living in camps. The situation remains pretty desperate.


Following the insurgent attack in Palma in March, by the end of May, 54,824 people had fled from Palma alone. Around 20,000 more are still stuck in the area around the Total Gas Project with very little access to food, shelter and medicines. I heard that Total had now closed down their gas project which was very much behind the troubles, so there is a (small) hope that the insurgents will be encouraged to leave the area. A lot of those who have fled, and continue to flee, have arrived in Pemba, where our link church is, or Montepuez. Overall the number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) is estimated at 700,000.

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