The Lord’s Prayer is one of the most important payers in the Christian faith. It has been said that the whole of the Christian gospel – the whole of the good news – is in this prayer if we truly understand it.

Our Lent Courses this year will focus on the Lord’s Prayer, using the format of the CofE’s new Pilgrim set of courses. It has often been said that this prayer is able to unite all Christians. So it seems like a very good thing to share this course with our neighbours at St Mark’s in South Teddington. Another reason for this is that St Mark’s is currently without a vicar. But people from any church are most welcome, as is anyone who simply wants to find out more about the Christian faith.

The courses will last for 6 weeks, from February 25th to April 1st inclusive. The same course will be offered at two different times:

Morning Course: Wednesdays 10.30-12 noon at St Mark’s

Evening Course: Wednesdays 8.00-9.30pm at St Mary with St Alban

People are free to come to any session without prior booking. But it would helpful to have an indication of numbers , so kindly contact St Mary’s Parish Office if you intend to come. Course booklets will be available at each session, at a cost of £5.