I am absolutely delighted to tell you that our Lent Appeal this year raised a staggering £25,583. This sum, together with the £5,000 already raised by St Mary’s & St Peter’s School, will go more than half way towards rebuilding the Anglican church primary school in a remote village called Chimoio, in our link parish of Pemba in Mozambique.

The school at Chimoio was swept away by the cyclone last year so it is important that a proper building is erected, which will be resilient to the weather, while money will also go towards digging a borehole. The villagers desperately need clean water which is essential for their daily lives as at the moment they have to walk many miles
to collect it.

This money is absolutely wonderful and we are hoping that the remaining balance needed will come from grants. We have seen the construction budget so we now look forward to seeing it come to fruition and the children able to attend full time school rather than be restricted to half-day lessons under a tree.

This 2-minute video brings the school to life.