On Saturday 27 May, a group from St Mary with St Alban visited St Paul’s for Evensong as all those living and working within the Teddington Parish were being prayed for. Esme Goulbourn reported back:

"The cathedral is very inspiring and the service itself was a memorable occasion. The choir were singing psalms and canticles at particular parts of the service. Their voice echoed up to the dome of the cathedral, and remained for about five seconds after they had sung each word. The sound of the organ could be felt through the wooden seats.

"My favourite part of the service was when the clergy and servers first processed into the church while the choir were singing. There were lots of servers processing into the church with the clergy two at a time. The people who visited from our church were able to sit in one of the rows that the choir is normally seated in. These seats gave a clear view of the procession, which was a wonderful sight to see. The cross was lifted up by the crucifer, with two members of the clergy standing either side, while the other servers were processing in.

"As they were standing there, light flooded in through the windows. Meanwhile, the choir was singing, and I felt honoured to have the opportunity to go with our church and see the worship of God which has taken place in St Paul's Cathedral for many years and be part of the worship that took place that day. It was also lovely to be in the prayers of those who worship at St Paul's.

"At the end of the service, I was introduced as one of the servers at St Mary with St Alban by Mary to a member of St Paul's Cathedral, who was interested to learn more about our church. It was a wonderful service which I really enjoyed going to with others from our church community."