My name is Gabrielle, often known as Gabby, I am your new curate. Joe asked me to give you all an idea of who I am. Simply put, I love Jesus, people and books. I also really like good coffee, desert wine, the theatre and listening to Matthew play the piano.

I grew up in a very rural parish in Gloucestershire, where I frequently went to church with my mother. When I was 7 (long before women were allowed to serve in the Church of England), I informed my vicar that I wanted to be like him when I was a grown up! Well, I am into my 40s now, not feeling particularly “grown up”, but excited to be where God seems to have been leading me for quite some time. My husband Matthew and I are moving down from Nottingham, where I trained for ordination and began a PhD. I am aiming to complete this during my curacy at St. Mary’s.

We shall be living in the centre of Teddington, and are very much looking forward to meeting you and serving in Teddington.