Music Review – the results are in!

You may recall that late last year, we conducted a survey on the music we bring to you in church. With thanks to those that responded, the findings were summarised as follows:

1. How satisfied are you with our music in worship?
Of the 50 responses received over 75% gave our music a grade higher than 4 (1 is low, 6 is high).

2. What are the best things about our church music?
a. Music seems to be appreciated.
b. Choral and instrumental groups seem to be valued.
c. Just over half the respondents seem to value the hymn choice to some degree.
d. There seems to be an appreciation of the traditional aspects offered.

3. What things need improving, enhancing or introducing?
a. A small but not insignificant minority (7/45) didn’t suggest any improvement.
b. A significant number expressed a desire for more variety, including more modern music some of the time.
c. Many feel that the music should be made more accessible to children and that children should have more opportunities to be involved.
d. There is some dissatisfaction with the hymn book on the part of some respondents.
e. There is some sense that some of the music isn’t known/practised enough and that therefore it can be hard to join in.
f. The choir needs expanding both in terms of numbers and age range.

4. What type of music helps you worship?
a. Answers were really quite varied and seem to reflect the fact that different people like different things. There is clearly a strong appreciation of traditional church music though also an appetite for more modern styles too.
b. There is some appetite for Taizé/Iona etc. and more contemplative music, particularly at relevant moments in the service.
c. Music style should suit the part of the service it accompanies.

5. How can we use music to reach out to more people?
a. The desire for modern music seems to be reiterated.
b. Appeal to children comes up again in several guises.
c. Concerts, workshops, festivals – make use of the building, seems to score quite high here.
d. The new band is singled out by a few as a possible tool for reaching out more.

6. Any other comments?
There was a range of individual comments reflecting particular likes, dislikes and a few “hobby horses”! Most are worthy of consideration by those organising services and music in future.

7. Any musical expertise to offer?
6 people offered themselves, of whom 3 are already involved. Perhaps we need to work harder at one to one approaches to encourage “new blood” both as singers and instrumentalists?