As told to Julien Cozens, Parish newsletter editor:

1. What made you take up the role of the new Churchwarden?

I was initially a bit nervous and daunted about taking this on. I certainly wasn’t looking for it - in fact I believe it came looking for me! The role is a curious one, with many facets. Initially, I will be a listener – looking out for people in the parish – and keen to see us connecting the many different parts of our work in the community. I’m also looking forward to being a ‘critical’ friend to David, our new Vicar who arrives in September.

2. Why did you want to do this role?

In the past I did different roles within the church. One I enjoyed was running the youth group, but since lockdown, with starting an online business and forming a new relationship outside the area, I found myself becoming more distant from church and the community. So with this opportunity, I realised I would be able to combine doing voluntary service and re-connecting with local friends in the church (as well as enjoying the social aspect of church!).

3. What do you think you’ll be bringing to the role?

I've always enjoyed meeting new people and being of use. My professional career has been in the creative industries as a creative director and a filmmaker, so I'm curious to see how those might come in handy.

4. What is the most important element of being a Churchwarden?

I think everyone brings a different flavour to this role. We’ve been incredibly well served by Carla (our Senior Churchwarden) and Robin (who steps down this month) as churchwardens. They led us through lockdown and then the vacancy between Vicars. They, alongside our amazing clergy, office team and deputy church-wardens, have created a legacy of efficient working practices and trusted communication, which I’m very lucky to be serving alongside.