We are really looking forward to our churchyard festivities during the 'Love your Burial Ground' celebrations from 3-11 June, promoted by the charity Caring for God's Acre.

It is a chance for everyone to come along and enjoy this beautiful churchyard which has been a key feature of the church site for many centuries, where all residents were buried until the late 19th century and is a haven of living flowers and creatures.

There will be a series of Talks and Tours about the churchyard’s history, the bees in our hives, our Adopt A Grave scheme, the trees, flora & fauna, and our sensory garden. All are free and open to everybody.

We invite you to come and walk through the churchyard, to share this space with others and feel refreshed.  No need to book onto any of the talks and tours about all the elements that make this such a special place. Please just come along and be part of this community celebration:

3 June: 5pm – talk on history of churchyard
4 June: 9am service to formally launch the festivities
5 June: 10am talk/tour on flora and fauna
6 June: 11am talk/tour on Adopting A Grave
7 June: 10.30am talk/tour on flora and fauna and at 8pm a talk on history of churchyard
8 June: 11am talk on bees
9 June: 2pm talk/tour on flora and fauna
10 June: 1.30pm talk on bees and at 3pm a talk about Adopting a Grave
11 June: 10.00am Church service to celebrate God's Acre, with coffee outside afterwards

Also a paper guide to the churchyard, as well as a quiz, will be available each day in the west porch to enable you to enjoy this space in your own time.