Hampton Wick United Charity gives grants for the relief of need and to assist in the education of residents in the Parishes of SMwSA, St Mark, Teddington and St John, Hampton Wick.

Although it is 300 years old, many residents of these parishes may not be aware of it. It has, for example, provided wheelchairs for invalids, washing machines, cookers and white goods for people in receipt of benefits.

Schools have been able to ensure that local children have been able to go on school trips and scouts and guides have been helped to attend jamborees.

Funding for the purchase of sports and musical equipment has been provided and grants given to people who have found it difficult to go on training courses.

If you know of anyone in the area who is in need of help then the Charity may be able to assist. Applications are normally considered three times a year but in an emergency would be assessed immediately.

All applications are considered confidentially and compassionately and anyone who wishes to seek help should contact the Clerk to the Trustees:
- 258 Hanworth Road, Hounslow TW3 3TY
- Telephone: 020 8737 0371
- Email: info@hwuc.org.uk

Further information is available at www.hwuc.org.uk.