John Demont attended his first Grave Talk meeting at the end of June and here shares his experience.

“The subject of graves and death does not readily appeal but it is surprising how often the topic comes up in every day life, particularly as one gets older.

“The evening was very rewarding, starting with a presentation from a palliative care expert. We then divided into groups to consider a number of questions, including ‘Is there such a thing as a good death?’ and ‘Is death always the worst outcome?’ The session was so relaxed it was comparatively easy to talk about such serious subjects. We felt able to ask our own questions too and to discuss and share them with the group.

“I do commend these talks as it is a rare opportunity to take time to discuss difficult topics that often are not spoken about except in often sudden and specific circumstances.”

The next Grave Talk is on 18th October at 8pm at St Peter and St Paul. The presentation will be from the inspiring and uplifting author of ‘Was This in the Plan’, Stephanie Nimmo. For more details contact or