We’re in this together… For three last months we have delivered the newsletter online, but now that you can hold something in your hand, it is a hopeful sign that we are on a path to recovery. For some of us, our long-awaited reunions with family and friends are already taking place. The Church calendar tells us we are back in ‘Ordinary Time’, but there is nothing ordinary about the times we are living through.

Because of this upheaval, there has been both a gradual and abrupt awakening to the plight of others, a greater openness to learn about life for those who spend most of their time isolated, or those who can’t get out for regular exercise.

The death of George Floyd powerfully exposed the structural inequalities that undermine the flourishing of all people. Times of trial often uncover what is hidden in easier times, and as in the case of Marcus Rashford’s campaign, this can lead to a better outcome for many people. 

Bishop Michael Curry (the American bishop who preached at Harry and Meghan’s wedding) asks us, ‘What would the sacrificial love of Jesus look like now?’ He then tells us to, ‘Go and do that’, be willing to speak out about injustice that is prevalent at all levels of society. We are being given an opportunity to make changes for the better.

The Coronavirus, peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrations and Marcus Rashford, have shown us that when we come together, we are able to make positive changes that are better for our community, our nation and the planet. Let us be people of conviction and courage, and not let this moment in history pass.                                     

Rev. Caroline Halmshaw