We joined more than 100 churches in the Bishop of Kensington’s campaign to mark the third anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire by ringing their bells 72 times at 6pm on Sunday, 14th June. This was followed by a 2-minute silence to remember the 72 victims, after which the bell rang three times, one for each year that has passed.

The Bishop, Dr Graham Tomlin, reminded everyone that the Grenfell Tower fire was more than just a London event, but one that affected people deeply across the entire country and indeed the world. He said: ‘The fact that over 100 churches have been involved is a welcome reminder of how significant the feeling of grief is, and of the depth of support in local communities for the families and friends of the 72 victims, who still mourn for their loved ones and seek justice.’

Grenfell United, the bereaved families and survivors group, said: “It means a lot to our families and the community that across the nation bells rung out in memory of 72 loved ones lost at Grenfell. Thank you to all faith communities across the country that stand with our community in North Kensington to pay respect and show that 72 lives are forever in our hearts.”