Rehearsals for The Teddington Review are now underway in preparation for the performance at Normanfield Theatre on Saturday 11th November. The show - which aims to pack in everything you need to know about 800 years of Teddington history in just 74 1/2 minutes - has been specially written for Teddington 800 and includes music, some factually accurate history and plenty of bad jokes.

Current pupils at St Mary's and St Peter's School have been relishing taking on the roles of the very first pupils at the school, while the adults in the cast are re-enacting such important events as the founding of the Memorial Hospital and the huge contribution of Teddington to the Allied victory in the Second World War.

Come along to the show to find out which royal benefactor gave a huge donation for the founding of the school and why we are hoping that our current vicar doesn't follow the example of his 17th century predecessor, Matthew Randal.

Join us on 11th November in the company of Teddington residents past and present in a light-hearted celebration of our town's 800 year history.

Tickets for this and all other Teddington 800 events are on sale here.