How long have you been in Teddington?
I’ve lived in Teddington for 14 years with my husband Michael. We came here from Earlsfield and have two children, Theo and Rocco.

What made you want to be a church warden?
At first, I just wasn’t sure but had a nagging feeling I wanted to do it and so I talked it through with Joe, prayed and
consulted my spiritual director Revd Karen Wellman at St Mark’s Church, and decided it was the right thing to do. I love the Church and being part of the community.

As a church warden what will you do?
I’m still actually learning. For example, I will be representing parishioners, organising help and supporting the vicar.
Elsewhere, I’m hoping that with my business experience I can bring other complementary and more pastoral skills to
our church. At the moment, because of Covid, I am actually a “church warden in waiting” until I’m officially voted in.

What do you think is special about our Church?
The intergenerational side of our Church is amazing. We have people of all ages and it fosters faith and friendship so well.

As well as Joe and Karen Wellman, who has helped you with becoming a church warden?
I must say a big thank you to the current church wardens Sarah Williams and Robin-Field Smith, who have been really helpful along with my husband and two children.

What are you looking forward to as a church warden?
A few weeks ago I was given an early piece of responsibility. I locked up the church at night for the first time, one of
the roles a church warden has, which was quite exciting. Most importantly I’m looking forward to learning as much as possible, fostering faith and friendship and seeing where the journey leads me.