Teddington Parish's Diversity & Inclusion Group invites you to join this walk in the City of London on Sunday 2 October, led for us as a private tour by a qualified guide from Six in the City. The walks lasts two hours, from 2-4pm, starting at Paternoster Square and finishing at Fen Court, a distance of just under a mile. The walk is all on a level, apart from one small set of stairs at the Bank of England.

The walk explores sites and institutions in the City with direct links to slavery. We will learn about the people who made money from this trade in human beings, as well as those who fought for its abolition. We’ll also hear about how some of the most powerful and influential institutions in the City have issued apologies for their role in the slave trade and how they now wish to bring about changes.

Tickets cost £12 per person, £10 for under 18s, excluding travel to and from the City. There are 20 tickets available and a suggested minimum age of 12 years.

To sign up and book your tickets, click here. For more information, email enquiries@teddingtonparish.org or call the parish office.