As we approach the start of Easter week, also called Holy Week, I love the way that every year we take time to remember in dramatic detail the events of this week all those years ago, so we can enter as fully as possible into the Easter story.

We move from the throng of the boisterous crowd to Jesus’s lonely walk to death, from the empty tomb and the shocked disciples to the beginnings of something new and unfamiliar. No matter how many times we tell this story, or how often the church proclaims it from the pulpit, it is truly startling. God loves the world so much that he gave his only Son...

In this week, we know we are loved and we know that from that place of love we are saved to a life with God forever. The part that always gets to me when I reflect on this story, is how the frightened and scattered friends of Jesus become the courageous and life-affirming founders of the early church. Their encounter with the risen Jesus was so life-transforming that they gave everything to make this story known.

At our dawn service at 6am on Easter morning, we’ll light the Easter fire and proclaim that the Son in all
his glory is breaking upon us as we welcome the new morning light. We’ll then go and celebrate with a
wonderful breakfast feast. And if 6am is a little early for you, we’ll also be joyously celebrating Easter at
our 10am Festival Eucharist. You are all most welcome to either service and the breakfast.

Click here to book your place for breakfast (£7 for adults, £5 for children).

Caroline Halmshaw