Trish Raffetto writes: 'Having started out as a once-a-month lunch, our fellowship group has now evolved to include a number of activities. We schedule gatherings three times a month – once for lunch at an easily accessible pub or restaurant, once for morning coffee, choosing venues on the high street or down by the river, and once on Zoom.

It has proved to be a very pleasant way of socialising and meeting new people. This variety of venues suits different needs and we are able to pick and choose which ones work best for us. The Zooms (which we started during the early days of Covid lockdown) continue to provide a social connection for those who are housebound or have mobility difficulties.

Our events are listed in the bulletin and on the pew sheet. For more information, please call the Parish Office so that we can contact you. Otherwise, please just show up. We will be delighted to welcome you.'