We are now several months into our interregnum - the period of time between one parish priest leaving and a new parish priest being appointed to fill this vacancy - offering us all a chance to pray, reflect and consult.

We are blessed with a strong clergy team, so unlike many other parishes going through an interregnum, we won’t need to organise visiting clergy each week. This leaves us able to maintain our regular pattern of worship, mission, and pastoral care.

During an interregnum, the administration of the parish becomes the responsibility of the churchwardens, who remain the Bishop’s officers throughout this time, and much is already underway:

  • The Churchwardens have met with the Archdeacon who has confirmed the process for this interregnum and how we select our new incumbent
  • The Archdeacon has also attended a special Preliminary Vacancy Meeting with the PCC
  • Two parish representatives have been elected by the PCC: Carla Maroussas and Robin Field-Smith
  • Our Parish Profile, describing the conditions, needs and traditions of the parish has been written, after wide consultation
  • The Bishop's Office has approved our job advert for inclusion in the Church Times, with provisional dates for interviews in late-March 2023

These are the initial practicalities but I am also mindful of what this unique period of time affords us as a parish. One dictionary defines interregnum as a pause and as we journey forward, I sincerely hope we can use this time to indeed pause, to listen, to discuss and pray in faith together.

Carla Maroussas, Senior Churchwarden