Regrettably, we’re cancelling the 9am Scratch Nativity Service and the 4pm Christingle Service on 20 December. This is because we don’t feel we can safely control the movement of young children. Those who have booked for the Christingle Service will be receiving an e-mail offering to deliver Christingle kits in the next couple of days.

You can watch the National Christingle Service here and a brilliant Lego animation on 'how to make a Christingle.

The 8am and 10am Services on 20 December will be going ahead but we encourage people to consider staying at home and watching the livestream of the 10am service instead of coming to church. There will not be a Scratch Nativity as part of the 10am service but a short sermon instead. Here’s the link to our Youtube channel and here’s the link to the service sheet.

The 6.30pm Carol Service will continue as planned with just singers and readers in the church. Here’s the link to our Youtube channel, and here’s the link to the service sheet.

The Longest Night Service on Monday 21st December at 8pm will go ahead, but we encourage people to watch the livestream.

Further information about our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Services will follow next week. I’m very grateful to our musicians, our technical team and our churchwardens who will ensure that we are still able to worship this Christmas, even if much of that has to be at home.

Rev Joe Moffatt