Our Lent Courses this year follow the series 'Life on the Front Line', designed by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. These courses aim to develop our Christian witness wherever we spend the majority of our time. We are running them in conjunction with the Ambassadors scheme, which was introduced earlier this year.

Each course runs for 6 weeks and more details are available here.

The courses are being run at a variety of times and in a range of places in order to make them as accessible as possible. Do come along and join in!

Location: Mina Hogan Room, St Mary’s Parish Hall

Time: 10.30am-noon

Dates: Wednesdays 1st March – 5th April

Led by: Sarah Williams, Joe Moffatt and Gabby Thomas

Contact: gareth_sarah@btinternet.com or curate@stmarywithstalban.org

Location: Home

Time: 8-9.30pm

Dates: Tuesday 28th Feb, followed by Wednesdays each week - 5th April

Led by: Carla Maroussas and Adam Woods

Contact: carla.maroussas@gmail.com

Location: St Peter and St Paul

Dates: Thursday evenings 2nd March – 6th April

Time: 8-9.30pm

Led by: Revd Azariah France-Williams and Caroline Halmshaw

Contact: azariah@stpeterstpaulteddington.co.uk or carolinehalmshaw@gmail.com