Church Extension

Extending to Grow St Mary with St Alban

Our ambition is to equip our much loved church building with the facilities to be an inclusive sacred space and community resource, meeting both the needs of our congregation and of our community.

“We intend to build an extension on what could be called the ‘hidden side’ of our church. It will make the whole church building fit for purpose: fit to be a sacred space that is accessible to all, regardless of disability or need; fit to offer a hospitable welcome to all who enter the door; fit to be a community resource where groups can meet for learning and fellowship; fit to be a centre for the arts, for concerts and for social interaction; fit to be the building we need to fulfil our vision to ‘grow faith and friendship for all’. So this is about more than just toilets. This is about making our contribution to the 800-year history of our church which has been added to every century. Every generation has done their bit to ensure the building is fit for purpose for their own particular time. We feel strongly that our task is to build an extension that will enable the whole church (both the building and the people) to bring faith and friendship to all.”

Rev. Joe Moffatt

What will be built?

We will add a new extension behind the church, replacing the current choir vestry and creating more space. It will be modest and modern, designed to sit with but not compete with the church. It will provide much needed toilets, a kitchen and a meeting room, as is the norm for every public building and church in the 21st century.

How will we use it?

We’d love more ideas, here’s the plan so far:

  • Worship: Children’s Church, choir, prayer groups, after and between service hospitality.
  • Learning: School visits, group discussion, lectures, exhibitions, choral workshops.
  • Fellowship: Carer, addiction or grief support, memory café, art and music groups.

What will it look like?

You can 'fly around' the sketches here.

The storyboard is available at the following links:
The Journey
Specialist Studies
Proposed Design
3D Visualisation

Click the links below for further drawings:
Proposed Floor Plan
Proposed North Elevation
Proposed Site Plan

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Why can’t we use the Parish Hall?
A: The hall is heavily used for very many things. With facilities we could accommodate more people and activities in the church itself. The hall toilets are too far away for many people and across a very busy road.

Q: What will happen to the graves?
A: By careful surveying, we’ll avoid disturbing most.  Where that’s unavoidable, these historic burials, with permission, will be moved with dignity and reburied with care.

Q: How much will it cost and how will we fund it?
A: The project cost is £650,000 and will be met by a combination of existing legacies, grant applications, local fundraising and congregational generosity.

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